Sunday, December 19, 2010

Configuring Etisalat's Siemens Gigaset SE568 over fibre network

I have my old Etisalat Siemens  Gigaset SE568, i want to use it for new Etisalat triple play account, for a wireless network of course... Unluckily (really?) it now run over fiber optic network. This modem wont work unless you do the following: - 

Updating the Modem
Update the firmware. Get the firmware here
Plug the SE568 to you PC with Ethernet cable,
Run browser, type
Login as "admin" with your password, default password "admin"
Click reboot icon and choose restore to "factory default", (if you cant login you can use reset button, press and hold for 10secs) close the browser.

Run the software. Wait for the flashing process complete around 3-4minutes
Now your SE568 was updated to SpeedStream 6500
I tried with Window Vista, it did not work and it OK with Win XP.

Configuring WAN
Connect SE568 modem to your PC with Ethernet cable.

Connect to Etisalat Optical Network unit port, LAN1 to SE568's WAN port with Ethernet cable
Run browser, type
Login as "admin" with default password "admin"
run the wizard for the first time and put everything i.e. admin login password, wireless name and password, etc. etc.
Click on Home Network button and click Advance setting.

Click Configure gateway LAN/WAN Port

Select WAN and click next

Enter Username and password for your Etisalat account

Select one of the above option, i choose that because mine was unlimited.

Left blank, click next

Select NAPT and click finish

This is how it look like, it says DOWN but the colour is green and work just fine!
Update #1 Some report that the connection will be exprience disconnecting problem.. to resolve that change the IP from to

go to Home network from left menu
advanced setting
Configure the Local SpeedStream Gateway IP Network
custom settings
change ip adress to

credit to s78first from UAELAB


Still not working?
Check all cable are connected i.e. from Fibre to Etisalat Optical Network Unit (ONU)
Make sure Ethernet cable from ONU connected to WAN port on your SE568 Modem
ONU LAN1 to SE568 Modem, LAN2 to your IPTV box.

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