Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jail Breaking The PS3 - KMEAW 3.55

A few custom firmware available for PS3 jailbreak, to name a few kmeaw, waninkoko, kakaroro, Wutangrza, PS3ITA, Geohot etc etc.
I chose kmeaw due to its popularity and support. Back up your PS3, copy all necessary files if any.
STEP 1 - Kmeaw Custom Firmware (CFW)

Alright.  Forget all this Gehot CFW and Wawawawaka whatever.  What you want is Kmeaw CFW.  Plenty of people have been using it and I haven't seen anything about bricks.  Here's what you do (tested first hand)

If you're on Official Firmware 3.55 already skip to step 4

 Before you start, Download this files:
Sony's Official FW 3.55 HERE
Latest Kmeaw CFW 3.55 from HERE
Get letest File manager, multiMAN HERE
Bluray emulator from HERE for testing only (if misuses, you will be a pirates)

1. Put Sony Official FW onto a USB drive in the folder x:\PS3\UPDATE\  Caps ARE needed.

2. Boot your PS3 into the recovery menu.
     a. With your PS3 off, press and hold the power button, keep holding until it turns on then off again.  Release
     b. Press and hold the power button again until you hear one, then two beeps.  Release.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions, Select system update. Turn off your PS3.

4. Put the CFW update of a USB drive in the folder x:\PS3\UPDATE  Again, caps are mandatory!

5. Repeat Step 2 and 3.

STEP 2 – INSTALLING the Manager - multiMAN
1. Unrar all files in your USB drive root directory.
2. Attach your USB to PS3, navigate to Games menu, look for installed package and select i.e. multiMAN ver 1.16.08 BASE (20110310_150000).pkg
There will be an error message "Multiman Cannot enable BD-ROM emulator. Functionality may be restricted" then
3. Put Bluray emulator and put it in USB root directory ( you are pirate now!)
4. Attach your USB to PS3, navigate to Games menu, look for installed package and select i.e. BDEMU-355KM.pkg
Now you can use multiMan and all kinds of homebrew on CFW. 
Make sure you keep up with what's on the front page. 
The managers get updated frequently and you can learn about that there.


- When you put any of your Bluray Disc, you always can make a backup in your PS3 internal HDD within multiMAN.
- You also can copy game folder from your friend ext HDD (copy all folder name ie BLUS01059) and locate to PS3 int disk folder hdd_00/GAMES/ or ext/usb disk x:/GAMES/ folder.
 - FAT32 need the files to be manually copy at not exceed 4GB batch. If you know how to split and combine even better.

-You can use ftp from your PC to your PS3 i.e. filezilla, what u need to do is, install ftp.pkg from blackbox. Run multiman. In fFilezilla put PS3 IP address, port 21, no password or login name.


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